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Email Standards Project: Bring the Bling

Posted by Mathew Patterson on November 28, 2007 in Site Updates

Now that we’ve officially launched the Email Standards Project, we want to spread the word as far as we can, so the right people hear about it. Every person who believes that email standards are important needs a way to show it on their site or brochure or forehead.

We thought about creating some ‘I support Email Standards’ type badges on our own, but then it occurred to us that we had tons of talented designers who probably have some fantastic ideas for pimping the project. All of that talent should not be wasted!

So this is your chance: Create a website badge, come up with a great tagline, design a t-shirt, sticker or tattoo - be as creative as you like in coming up with something that you and other people could use to spread the word and show support for the Email Standards Project.

You can grab a copy of the logo and get cracking, just make sure to keep it positive in nature. Send your work to us by email or leave a comment on the post and we will share them here. Whether you design something yourself, or just use someone’s design on your site, your support is really valuable.

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