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Results from our acid test.
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Lotus Notes 8 Screenshot

Summary: Lotus Notes is widely used, but primarily by people who work in organizations that mandate its use. It's an application which has a lot to offer the business world, but when it comes to email rendering Lotus Notes falls behind. Lotus Notes supports a number of items from our list, but they matter little when the most important properties fail. And they can even be detrimental to readability as with its support of color while not supporting background-color (see specifics below).

It should be noted that while the application GUI of versions 6.5 and 8 differ significantly, the actual email-message windows and how they display content is virtually the same. In fact, while reviewing our acid test in Lotus Notes 8, we only noticed one improvement from 6.5: support for width. This is a step in the right direction, but we would like to see more attention from IBM on properly rendering emails as they develop version 9. It should also be noted that our tests were performed using Notes in POP/IMAP mode, not using Domino Server on the back-end.

Update: See our update post for how the Domino Server improves the ACID test results.

How Lotus Notes 8 handled our acid test:

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