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Results from our acid test.
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Windows Live Hotmail Screenshot

Summary: Margin and padding are vital to any design, and Windows Live Hotmail partially supports both of them. Partial support is certainly better than no support, but with varying degrees of accuracy for either property a design will lose its integrity. At a minimum, we would love to see Microsoft step up and offer full support for these fundamental properties.

Although not related to Hotmail's CSS support, it's worth noting that headings within HTML emails turn green by default when viewed in this email client (see screenshot). For more information and a fix, view this blog post.

Hotmail also does not support image maps.

Please note: The Windows Live Hotmail acid test was analyzed in Firefox. This is important to note because we discovered that this webmail client renders content differently in different browsers. Read the details about this on our blog.

How Windows Live Hotmail handled our acid test:

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